Holiday Safety Tips 2

December 2, 2011


Troy University's fall semester will soon be coming to an end and finals will begin. It is important for students to be prepared when leaving campus for holiday break according to Chief Jimmy Ennis.

Leaving Campus for holiday break:

° Close and lock all windows, close all shades, drapes and blinds.
° Close and lock all entrance doors to your suite or apartment as well as your room.
° Take valuables (jewelry, money, laptops, etc.) home with you for safe keeping.
° Avoid leaving valuables (televisions, video games, etc) in the common areas.
° Take this property with you if possible.
° Your voice mail should never indicate that you are not at home.
° If you leave your car on campus roll up the windows and lock the doors.
° Park in a well-lit location.
° Remove any valuables from your car.
° If you leave your bicycle on campus/apartment, make sure it is secure.

Remaining on Campus:

° Be alert for persons hanging around
° your apartment or the residence halls
° Immediately report suspicious persons to the Police.
° Lock your doors and close your windows when you leave your apartment
° Do not open your door until you know who is knocking
° Avoid placing presents where they can be seen from the doors or windows

"Ask yourself this question: If you're locked out of your home, can you still get in? If you can - so can a burglar."


For Further Information Contact:
Sgt. Benny Scarbrough
Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police
Troy Police Department
334-566-0500 Fax 334-566-2469

Sgt. Scarbrough